Opening Range Breakout Trading Strategy

Let’s look at a popular trading instrument here at Netpicks, crude oil on the 5 minute chart. Remember, these same concepts you are about to learn apply to the other range definitions as above. Other possible ways to manage this trade was to trail your stop above the highs of each candle once price started to break to the downside.

‘To me, opening ranges give you a great way to approach that,’ Tyler says. From a trading standpoint, that’s a very valuable thing.

Applying The Opening Range To Forex

However, the price action suddenly reverses and breaks the opening range upwards. Therefore, we buy BA the moment the stock makes a new high. The trigger of a trade with this opening range trading method is the breakout through the opposite level. When you open your gap reversal trade you should also secure the trade with a stop loss order. The right place for your gap reversal stop loss is again the mid-point of the opening range. The gap pullback buy is another popular approach for trading the opening range.

The highs and lows of this timeframe is taken assupport and resistance. Below method is both a scalping and a trending system combined into one, hence it is possible to take advantage of quick moves and trending markets with multiple lots of trades. The danger sign to watch for at the breakout is the opposite price pattern. The big volume at the breakout will now represent significant resistance if the stock is below it. This pattern of a big-volume reversal at the top of the OR usually leads to a failed breakout and a selloff. They strive to move the price in the direction of their newly accumulated positions. One of the main take-away’s from it is that the exit strategy + the vol filter change the characteristics of the whole strategy up side down.

Opening Range Breakout Trading Strategy

High volume node is where maximum trading activity has taken place and Price tends to consolidate 55-60% of time around such regions. In a typical cycle, Price transitions from High volume node to low volume node. Another important factor to consider while trading Opening Range Breakout is to identify High volume nodes. Before taking a trade, always mark out the nearest high volume node region.

I entered at the yellow arrow, which was a risky play. This could have bounced up and my put would have been in trouble. Next time I would be more cautious and wait for confirmation of the break below Bear Zone entering Breakdown Zone. I knew it was gonna pullback some how, but then again, it’s still in Breakout Zone so I needed more confirmations than just my opinion.

If the stock opens with a huge gap up or gaps down, then it is not wise to use this trading strategy. This is a good question and it is worth bearing in mind that the origin of this strategy was with the futures markets on assets that had well defined trading days. However, price action can easily break these levels and then retreat back before the candle closes. In order not to trigger trades too early you will need to set rules on how you enter and which time frame to use for entries. If there is indecision and no clear bias then range trading could be a better option meaning you would not trade a breakout. The easiest method is to look at and draw in the prevailing trends on higher time frames.

At least one candle should be completely against the trend. If that candle has low volume it suggests more strength on trend cont. Often you see price is moving in one direction very strongly from the opening bell.

How To Define The London Trading Range

The chart below gives an example of how four opening ranges played out in consecutive years. Opening range breakout happens after a brief period of consolidation. The Opening Range breakout is below the previous day’s low for sell.

  • Volume is tricky in that you only need one or two big orders to come into spike the price.
  • One of the main take-away’s from it is that the exit strategy + the vol filter change the characteristics of the whole strategy up side down.
  • We are looking for a breakout during the opening range and a volume index level between 0 and 20 with a sudden price jump above the opening range for a bullish set-up.
  • It is often associated with high volume and volatility with multiple trading opportunities.
  • Traders use the opening range to set entry and predict the price action of the day.
  • All the same considerations in terms of market bias, structure, volatility and news will still apply before making a trade.
  • If you look at trading gurus like Ross Caremoun, Tim Sykes and Steven Dux, they all have a strategy centered around early morning breakouts.

All markets are unique and will have their own cycles and volatility. As such it is important to test multiple variations of the IB strategy on a market to find the best fit. These will obviously depend on your individual trading plan but the most obvious implementation is to use the half range as a stop OR to use the high or low as the stop. For example you could set a rule that you will use the 5 minute time frame and only enter when a 5 minute candle closes past the IB High or Low.

The Opening Range Breakout Strategy

So it mainly depends on your preferences which way to go. Personally, I prefer stocks with high momentum that move right now with high volume and power.

This is what we consider as the early morning resistance and a signal line for a long trade. When trading volumes are low, there isn’t enough pressure to push the market to new highs or lows. In the image, you see that after a break of early morning resistance with high volume, the price starts increasing. First, traders should be aware of the support and resistance levels on a larger timeframe. If you plan to short a stock, which has gapped down, you want to see the stock gap down on heavy volume and then retrace on lighter volume . Ideally, the stock should trade within a range, which is smaller than the average daily range of the stock. The upper and lower boundaries of the range can be identified by the high and low of the first 30 or 60 minutes.

Rule #1 Define The London Trading Range

Learn about the various order types you’ll use to while trading on the forex markets. This strategy typically focuses on EURUSD (Euro/U.S. Dollar), although it could be applied to any of the European majors.

Opening Range Breakout Trading Strategy

If the stock does happen to make a move on earnings, it’s likely to be an upward move. If the stock happens to sell-off, it’s obviously suboptimal to take that short setup. Trading the opening range makes things simple because it gives us defined entry and exit points. The tendency for the open to cluster near daily highs or lows gets even more substantial when Grimes was selective with his data. He ran this test on what he calls “two sigma days,” in the E-mini S&P futures, which are essentially highly volatile trading sessions. The open often establishes the trend and sentiment for the day, but there is also statistical significance to the open that is overlooked. Some intriguing data from Adam Grimes implies that there is repeated behavior around the open.

This is where you have to adjust and use the lowest low depending on how price action unfolds. Here we have marked off the low and high of the first 30 minutes of trading on the ES and ignoring the previous day price action. This method aims to generate income from a couple of home runs where risk-reward ratios of 1-10 and higher are archived. Many times you will get stopped out, or the price will not move that high. But those home runs happen all the time if momentum unfolds. Again, the number of shares traded remains the same and is calculated based on the OHLC of the reference candle. Let’s stay with our example, and you got into the trade by trading the break through the high of the reference candle.

Evening Star Candle Pattern Explained (real Chart Examples)

Cluster of candles is more powerful than single candles. To be successful in opening range breakout strategy, you need to be in only those stocks which are clearly exhibiting an up cycle in terms of volatility. This way, you will increase the odds of success a great deal.

Opening Range Breakout Trading Strategy

This trade is taken usually on the 5-minute, 15-minute or 30-minute time frame and generally resolves very quickly. Based on this, you should decide to only trade on the long side.

The most important part of the opening range trading is the breakout from the range. When the market opens and you spot the open range of a stock, there will be two candles which will help you measure the size of the range. Using price structure or ATR for your stop loss is a viable approach to any trading strategy.

20 EMA is one of the key technical indicators used in this system for trend trading. Stop loss is always kept at 20 EMA for riding the profits. Entry should be made only on close of the 5 min candle outside the opening range. January 31, 2019 You won’t find anything about ORB trading strategy in Zerodha nor in any other technical software. So, if volume increases with heavy buying, then the stock price might go up. In the same way, if volume increases with heavy selling, then the stock price may go down. I saw Tim’s video and looked at doing the trade a couple of times but the conditions weren’t met on those days.

A moving average could also be used as a trailing stop like a 10-period EMA on the 15-minute as pictured on the below DASH chart. Choose the quantity of shares as the position size of the trade based on the stocks volatility and your stop loss level. The stocks should have enough liquidity for a tight bid/ask spread and to trade with your size. Micro caps, penny stocks, and pink sheet stocks could have issues with fills.

Demand is represented by long tail whereas Supply is evident by long wick of the Candle. Once this candle was formed, we then got 7 Candles within the range of the first candle. Long trade came at the 8th Candle when Price moved above the Opening Range. If you find opening range breakout above high volume node region, then do pay attention to such setups. More often than not, these are high probability trades and you will profit from these. One of the most common mistakes in Day trading is to take Opening range breakout Trades when price has gapped up or down .

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